The Scene

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE — The scent of flowers and fruit floats in the air along Coxe Avenue. Where is this wave of blended aromas coming from?

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
Every woman is someone’s sister, even if she isn’t someone’s biological sister. The idea inspires the music of Someone’s Sister, the duo that Katherine Jones and Georgia Winfree created to advance that principle. They’ll be performing at Club Hairspray (38 N. French Broad Ave.) at 9 o’clock tonight as part of the Acoustic GoGirls showcase.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
I have difficulty learning from my mistakes.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
Today, the girlish and receptive moon will move into square aspect with the masculine and aggressive sun. Adding to this normally tense configuration, both of these “planets,” known in astrology as the “luminaries,” will be occupying the fixed signs of Scorpio and Leo respectively.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
Is Hollywood going one toke over the line? Marijuana use is cropping up on some critically acclaimed shows, and anti-drug forces fear the glamorization of pot could boost its use among youths.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
Rising R&B star Bobby Valentino likes grass.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
NEW YORK - With a swath of bright color here and the shimmer of an extra-large gold hoop earring there, the Latina look is everywhere.

August 12, 2005 6:00 am
NEW YORK - They had traveled 1,400 miles and waited two decades for this night - three beautiful women from Long Island, wearing little black dresses to a concert by the pop star they'd drooled over when Reagan was president and hair was feathered.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
NEW YORK — Who wears short shorts? Daisy Duke wears short shorts, and — if you can believe it — Jessica Simpson’s denim cutoffs in the new “Dukes of Hazzard” movie are even cheekier than Catherine Bach’s were in the old CBS series.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
Jazz Scene

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE — After tonight’s art walk downtown, poets Laynie Browne and Lee Ann Brown will read at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
The mighty and fabulous sun moves into a friendly aspect with gigantic Jupiter on Saturday. Both will be sharing the aspect known as the sextile, which is a position separation of 60 degrees, as the name’s prefix implies. It is known in astrology as a “soft” aspect because of its easy and unimposing influence.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
I’m a crazy dog lady. It’s a side that recently emerged, and I’m just going to go ahead and embrace it. I’m going to talk about my dogs, write about my dogs and show any willing sucker a picture of my dogs. Why not? That’s what crazy dog ladies do.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE — The Poetix Lounge by Catalyst Productions on Saturday will benefit Gaia Resurrect: An Evening of Women’s Talent and Madness, as well as the Poetix arts-in-education program serving youth committed to the Swannanoa Valley Youth Development Center.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
Dear Carolyn: I’m hoping you have some good advice for my friend, who’s gotten himself into deep manure. He has fallen really hard for a woman who says she’s taken, but keeps giving him mixed messages.

August 05, 2005 6:00 am
Cassette tapes are so last century. Playing them is a drag, and you can’t make playlists or skip right to the middle or end of a song.

Family & Relationships

August 15, 2005 6:00 am
Your kids like cookies? Who doesn’t? From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Immaculate Baking Co. is having “Kid Cookie Day” to help launch its new low-sugar, low-salt, no-cholesterol line of organic cookies for kids.
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August 13, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE - In the world of teenagers, music means everything. It's hard to get them to take off their headphones for two seconds of peace of mind. But after catching the sound waves of a new Christian rock group, you might ask them to leave their headphones on for a change.
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Food & Drink

August 10, 2005 6:00 am
Imagine being able to prepare a gourmet meal from produce that was picked mere hours before, as an expert chef gives you tips. A wine expert helps you pick the perfect wine to go with the meal. You sit down to dinner with a small group that shares your passion for good food, just as the sun slips over the green French hills.
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Arts, Books & Travel

August 14, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE — Drama! Music! Dance! Kids! The bright banners hanging in front of Asheville Arts Center proclaim the brilliance of the excitement inside.
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Home & Garden

August 11, 2005 6:00 am
BREVARD — Designing an attractive home is more than just pushing around some furniture. It’s an art. And so local interior designers are collaborating to make over an area home in the 2005 Brevard Designer Showhouse event.
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August 09, 2005 6:00 am
ASHEVILLE — It’s not your typical gym. There is no piped-in music, no primping in the mirror and no magic bullet. The only spandex you’ll see is on the personal trainer’s customized shirt. And it reads “House of Pain.”
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