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Special Review Edition

Someone’s Sister - Debut CD Release - Hand Me Downs

By Annette Warner

It can’t be compared at all to anything out there already, but move over Indigo Girls! There is a brand new pair of chick singer-songwriters that are well on their way to a well deserved place among the best of the best in Women’s Music. Easily among the sweetest and thoroughly heartfelt listening experiences a true melody lover can expect, the first pro-release of Someone’s Sister, “Hand Me Downs”, is an accomplished, well produced and triumphant return for the hard work shared by both writer’s whom contributed their works equally towards the completion of this never-been-done recording.

This diverse and captivating mixture of 12 insightful and courageous tunes have garnered impressive sales quickly heading to a second duplication run already in the 3 weeks since its release and are selling faster than the girls can play the songs included. “Hand Me Downs” captures the life and spirit of an incredible and diverse mix of personal experiences between Katherine Jones and Georgia Winfree. While musically simple, the end result of this project is that of a listener friendly and emotionally unbridled collection of moody, even humorous and soulfully introspective views of where they have been, where they are and where they are going as individuals. But, strangely enough…although the duo is certainly on many different paths, they are going somewhere…together.

Touchingly sensitive without being overbearingly emotional, the over-all message through-out is parlayed as one of strength and survival, in cuts like “I’m Still Here” where Georgia knowingly seeks life-changing solaces in her journey through a torrential down pour of personal emotions in her quest for personal healing. This remarkably therapeutic song encases an onslaught of iron-clad respect for her childhood past as she understands its potential value to her sought after future of helping those who have suffered abuse. “One in three children is abused across the world everyday…and I won’t stop singing until the crying stops.” Georgia’s passionate, soulful voice is finally being heard as a testament to her personal defiance against the odds she has fought and won. And that positive act of defiance serves to label her nothing short of being… a true survivor.  
The other half of this welcoming duo; Katherine Jones, brings to the CD a positive, yet realistic, perspective on life with a thoughtful view of life’s tiny treasures not to be taken advantage of in the process of healing. Or, let’s just say… living period,  in the laid back and reflective mood of her cut “Another Rainy Day”, Katherine’s tribute to the 9/11 disaster. This melodic trail of compelling thoughts permits you to really appreciate and grasp the inner-belief that life is truly short and deserves to be lived to the fullest with everyone you cherish. Katherine’s music is as much of a positive energy force as one could desire to listen to. And after all, it’s the simple things that really matter in the end and Katherine communicates that thought very well in her sweet and somewhat jazzy vocal style.

It’s rare to witness two completely different people perfecting the art of collaboration and sharing of artistic respect, vocally and as writers but when these two dynamic talents for songwriting and vocal expression come together, it’s proves to be melodically touching and filled with a knowing confidence that life gets better when, as individuals… we decide it needs to.  

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