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Features: July 2005

GoGirls in Headlights! Someone's Sister
by Mark Fisher

  Someone's Sister

When my GoGirl's editor, Annette Warner, asked me to consider Someone's Sister for this quarter's "Go Girls in Headlights" feature I knew I'd be in for some good music. As I suspected from my knowledge of Annette's tastes in music, Someone's Sister is amazing! In fact, I was so impressed by these two ladies that I felt awful that I had never even heard of them! I'm supposed to help steer you all towards young talented artists and I'm missing out myself!?

Thankfully the record is now set straight and my CD collection is appropriately adjusted. Katherine and Georgia are unquestionably among the cream of the crop in the indie music world in both talent and perspective and I am honored to be help introduce you to them. So, that said, I caught up with Someone's Sister to find out more about themselves, their music, and their refreshing perspective. Enjoy! -Mark Fisher

Mark: Hello ladies, how's life treating you these days?

Sisters: Great, thanks! We are so busy, but loving it.

Mark: I think your name is excellent because it works on so many different levels and their so many possibilities for its meaning. What do the words "Someone's Sister" mean to Katherine and Georgia?

Sisters: "Someone's Sister" represents a few things for us. Basically, despite our differences, we are all connected by the fact that we are all someone's child, someone's brother or sister- and we all face fear, joy, death, love, etc. It also reflects the "big sister" mentality. We both had older sisters who watched out for us as children and our name reflects that "someone" to look out for you and lend a hand in hard times.

Mark: Let's talk about the CD, "Hand Me Downs" a bit first. How did you approach the album? Since this is your introduction to a whole world of music fans I'm guessing you had an idea of what you wanted to say/establish about yourselves with it.

Sisters: We did have an idea in our mind of what we wanted to share, but we owe a lot to our producer, Karen Kane (www.mixmama.com) for bringing our internal vision into a shape that was so much more than the sum of it's parts. We began with one powerful aim in mind. We wanted to stay true to the simple art of the harmony of two voices sharing songs that were real to us. We wanted our approach to be about who we really are.

Mark: Was there any in-studio bickering about whose songs would make the album?

Sisters: Not at all. We were hoping to find a good musical balance for the overall CD. While most of the songs are written by one or the other of us, we collaborate on harmony and overall flow - so we were both very involved in final product of each song.

Mark: How has response been to your album been as compared to any expectations you may have had for it?

Sisters: The response has been so overwhelming for us both. We have met the most amazing people over the past several months, played at some of our "wish list" venues, and had the pleasure of seeing audience members singing along with us. We were not prepared for the heart-warming feeling that gave us. There have been times when the energy the crowd gave us back was so powerful that our smiles could not contain it.

Mark: At the heart of it all, what is Someone's Sister about? What do you want people to take from your music?

Sisters: We are about connection, personal awareness and healing. The most amazing moment is when you see that look of understanding in the audience - the reflection of, "I have been in that place". We want to give our story away and hope that listeners can find something within their own lives that connects to us, like the message in the song, "New Shoes". We send out a message of no matter where you have been, no matter what has happened in your life, you have the right to "unfold" a new day with love for yourself.

Mark: I noticed that you only wrote one of the songs, "New Shoes", together. Do you plan to write more together in the future or do you like being able to bring two individual voices together on one CD?

Sisters: We have very different writing styles but are always open to collaboration. We enjoy each other's creative differences and appreciate the diversity of the sound we create together.

Mark: Would you mind telling GoGirls readers a little about that song and the thoughts/inspirations it came from?

Sisters: "New Shoes" is the story of our lives. We both came from very different beginnings. The song is written from the point of view of our two separate voices - two lives. We begin in different places but as life rolls on, we both deal with similar issues, similar paths to find the whole - merging into one voice and one story in the end.

Mark: How do you approach the songwriting process- is it something you work at to get "exactly right" or is it something you like to capture the moment naturally with?

Sisters: (Katherine) Well, I will say that for me, the song writes itself and does not happen quickly. It is a process of watching something grow. It is done when it is done - and trying to force it really does no good.

(Georgia) We are total opposites in this respect. I tend to go with the natural inspiring "moment". I can come home after a challenging day, grab the guitar, express the emotions and then with the help of recording I can go back for framing the final product. I have even caught myself in this mood on stage a few times and done a bit of free singing verse.

Mark: I noticed that Georgia's proceeds from "Hand Me Downs" will go to the prevention of child abuse. Usually when someone does that (and more artists should!) there is a deep connection with them. Would you mind telling me about why you decided to do this and why it has been on your heart?

Sisters: Actually, as of now all of the money is going to the creation of a foundation for the prevention of child abuse.

(Georgia) After having been through the healing process of child abuse therapy, it seemed natural to offer up what we could to help others along the way. We took Gandhi's quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world" to heart and started doing what we could. Child abuse is this "dark secret" that no one wants to speak up about so we lend our voices to stopping the painful silence through heart connection.

Mark: One of the things that really strikes me about you as well is that you almost seem like you could care less about even making your money back for all of this. You are one of the purest sounding artists I have heard in a long time- like you are just doing it because you love it and have no aspirations of stardom. Am I off base there or is that truly the case?

Sisters: You are right. We are not in this for personal fame and fortune. We have hopes to raise as many funds as possible for the creation of the foundation and we would love to be heard everywhere. However, mainly it is about reaching others and about speaking out for those who might not be able to speak for themselves. It really is freeing when you are not tied to the money.

Mark: Which song do you feel best represents you as a band on "Hand Me Downs"?

Sisters: Honestly, we could not choose one. Just as every day you face new things, each song represents different paths we have walked. The whole of "Hand Me Downs" represents a first shared chapter for us. Just as the title suggests these are the hand me downs from someone's sister. They each use to fit us and we pass them off to the next person to try on for a while.

Mark: What's next for Someone's Sister? Do you plan to tour at all? Record some more?

Sisters: We are keeping the roads busy playing in NC, SC, VA, GA and soon Mississippi. We do plan to record another CD soon- but we have to find the time for it to fit in between work and shows!

Mark: Thanks so much for your time and for the great songs you have put out there for fans. Do you have any parting thoughts for GoGirls readers?

Sisters: Don't let the hours pass you by wishing your life was different. You're the only obstacle to your dreams and taking just one step to heal or change your world is better than a thousand days of sadly wishing. To each reader that pauses - here we want you to know that "Someone's Sister" cheers you on to be your true self. Take hold of life with all of your love and might so that you can begin doing what makes you truly happy- on a daily basis.

Thanks so much to GoGirls for offering up such a wonderful place for artists to share themselves, develop supporting relationships and follow their dreams of music.

Check out Someone's Sister at http://www.someonessister.com/

Mark Fisher is the former creator/editor of 1340mag.com and is currently a freelance writer for various publications. He also works on and off as a bio writer for various independent and major label artists. Mark lives happily with his extremely patient and understanding wife in Fairmont, WV. You can reach him at mailto:<b>mark1340@verizon.net</b>.

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