Someone's Sister Sings for Change

Someone's Sister, an acoustic duo out of North Carolina will be performing at “Club Hairspray” on August 12th, as part of the Acoustic GoGirls showcase, along with Annette Warner and Laura Blackley. This will be Someone's Sister first performance in the Asheville area.

All proceeds from the musical performances and CD sales goes to the creation of a foundation for child abuse prevention. The “Someone's Sister” principal is based on the heart, healing and the common human connection.

Someone's Sister released their debut CD "Hand Me Downs" at the end of 2004 and since then been performing up and down the east coast. “Hand Me Downs” is currently played by stations out of Raleigh, NC (WRAL-FM), Wilmington, NC (WHQR-FM), Myrtle Beach, SC, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Greenville, NC, and several online radio and satellite radio stations as well.

This past month, they were featured on NPR's radio show, “All Things Considered”.

For more information, visit their web page at

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