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Hand Me Downs
Someone’s Sister

By Chris S. Witwer

While compilation CD’s often donate a portion of their proceeds to charity, its pretty rare to find a debuting duo donating their dinero. Someone’s Sister is doing just that—they’re dedicated to raising both money and awareness to combat child abuse. While their fight against wronging the innocent is a big part of their lives and their music, Someone’s Sister is a lot more than a fundraising music group. They are a genuine, musically-talented, beautifully harmonizing duo who craft their songs with precision and passion.

Someone’s Sister is comprised of two women, Georgia Winfree and Katherine Jones, who met in college over a decade ago. But it wasn’t until 2002 that they decided to combine their musical skills to create change. The result, Hand Me Downs, is first rate.

Hand Me Downs is a well-rounded and inspiring collection of folk and acoustic rock stitched together with gorgeous harmonization and instrumentation. Guitar and mandolin licks take center stage in between vocals, but it is the singing—the voices—that makes this CD such a gem.

Georgia Winfree's vocals are strong, precise, and smooth as butter— though she’s fully able to channel some of that Amy Ray vocal anger when a song’s meaning calls for it. Katherine Jones’ voice is pleasant and sweet, with just the slightest hint of smokiness. When Katherine and Georgia harmonize together, you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to womyn’s music heaven. They’re that good.

Fans of Allison Krause and Liz Phair will appreciate their style, as will those who enjoy Bonnie Raitt’s ballads and early Indigo Girls harmonies. An odd collection of musicians to compare to? Maybe. But after you’ve heard Someone’s Sister, you’ll get it. And you’ll love it.

Hand Me Downs is a CD made from Jones’ and Winfree’s personal life stories. It is a poetic, soulful, unbridled and passionate tribute to the women they’ve been and the women they have become. Songs with pain, songs with joy, words that heal. It’s all here. Couched in such musically simple framework, each song feels like a friend’s confession over a cup of hot tea on a cool afternoon. Warm and homey, while always smart and sophisticated.

The group’s name, Someone’s Sister, stems from the fact that each of us is somebody’s daughter, someone’s family, somebody’s sister. We’re all family here, and we’re all different. Yet our relationships to ourselves, our lives, and our loves share common themes. And that’s where Someone’s Sister’s music seems to focus—on relationships. Not the standard girl meets girl or girl meets boy cheese we usually here, but real relationships in the deeper, purer sense of the word. Hand Me Downs is a beautifully written, delicious musical offering that belongs in mainstream rotation.

Someone’s Sister is currently enjoying gigs on the US’ East Coast and has been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”. Expect to hear more from them as they continue to perform and record great music while supporting a great cause.

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